Musubi Kyoto Store Display April to May
A new display

Musubi Kyoto renewed their in-store display.

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suzuki masaru
suzuki masaru
You will see Furoshiki from the Suzuki Masaru series at first. There is no doubt that this series makes a good harmony as a décor item because Mr. Suzuki is a textile designer.
He was a member of designers at marimekko. He has worked with uniqlo the past few years for the UT project which releases conceptual designed T-shirts.
"The Double-Face Masaru Suzuki" was the main reason that he decided to make furoshiki with musubi. You can see the different designs from the front and back. Not only that, you can find the linen and water-repellent furoshiki from the Masaru Suzuki collection.
Double-Face Masaru SuzukiThe different designs are printed from both the front and back
MUSUBI LINEN Masaru SuzukiMUSUBI LINEN Masaru Suzuki
LinenLinen furoshiki
LinenThe fabric is thin and easy to use as a scarf
We have furoshiki made out of linen apart from the range. Linen prevents germs and molds from breeding because it has four times hygroscopic nature that cotton does. It is notably fast-dry and it results in preventing bad odors. It is said that linen is the most durable of all the natural fibers.

"kata kata" and "water-repellent"

kata kata
The flying "kata kata" appear in an immersive way whilst the water-repellent furoshiki are practical.

It may stimulate your idea to protect your bag from the rain or keep the wet umbrella away from your belongings.

Please do not forget about Yumeji Takehisa. They look good on kimono/yukata stylings.
Please try to make a bag itself or using furoshiki rings or patchins.
takehisa yumeji