Furoshiki For Home

How do you use furoshiki for home?

Have you ever thought how you can reuse furoshiki which was received as a gift wrapping cloth?
If you own one, it is very useful.
But some people are not sure how to use it after using as a wrapping cloth.

Let us suggest how it can be useful for home.
Let's see by sizes.

Small size 45- 50cm (17.7"-19.7")

Tablemat_katakata Tablemat_isa

Cutleries can be hold with only one piece of Furoshiki.

Wall Art
WallArt WallArt

Furoshiki can easily fit in the frame because they are foldable.

Tissue Box Cover/Tissue Holder
Tissue Tissue

Dress up a tissue box or toilet rolls!

Large Size 100-104cm (39.4"-40.9")

Cafe Curtain
Curtain Curtain

Just fold Furoshiki in half, and hang it on a pole like a curtain.

with clips




Use hanging curtain hook clips to make it drape a curtain!
Then 70cm size(27.6″) also gets the job done as a cafe curtain.
70 Cohare | Hummingbird Yellow


Cushion Cover
Cushion Cushion

Wrap a cushion like a gift box.

Extra Large Size 112-150cm (44.1"-59")

Tabelecloth Tabelecloth

Spread out the beautiful design which has been maintained from ancient times on the table.