Workshop with Kevia Style & JourneeBox

In our research for the Kyoto theme of our JourneeBox we were looking for historical industries and stores in Kyoto

Kevia Style

Kevia Style & JourneeBox


Journee Box
Kyoto JourneeBox 2021

Kevia Jeffrey-West

Kevia Jeffrey-West is a jewelry designer of Kevia Style based on Oregon, USA.
They sell ethical, sustainable, & nature-inspired products. As well as that, they produce the JorneeBox.

About the Designer 

Voice of Kevia Style & JourneeBox

1. Why did you choose Furoshiki?

JourneeBox is a subscription box themed after different locations. We like to feature local businesses from each location.
Furoshiki is a beautiful Japanese tradition, and is sustainable, too.
We knew a furoshiki from the traditional store of Musubi would be the perfect addition to our Kyoto subscription box.

2. What made you choose us?/Why did you choose us?

In our research for the Kyoto theme of our JourneeBox we were looking for historical industries and stores in Kyoto.
We found information about Musubi because of this research.

・Did you compare with other companies?
No; we did look into other similar companies, but as soon as we learned about Musubi's history we were set on working with Musubi.

3. Product feedback: What you felt about your Furoshiki and your opinions after using

Our customers loved learning about furoshiki! Since most of them are from the United States of America, they had never heard about furoshiki,
but the loved learning about the culture and tradition around furoshiki and how they could use it to beautiful their gift wrapping in a sustainable way.
The live workshop with Ayano and Etsuko was charming and informative - our customers loved meeting people from across the world and to learn a new skill from them.
The YouTube tutorial videos are also very helpful, and we sent links to customers who missed the workshop so they could still learn directly from Musubi.
Price ranges were reasonable and fair. We were interested how our customers would respond to furoshiki, and are happy to say they loved them!
We hope our customers will use their furoshiki for many years in the future.

Voice of Yamada sen-i co., ltd.

1. Our thoughts on the project

I received an email from Kevia that she'd like to use Furoshiki as one of the items for thier subscription box which is focused on Kyoto; called Kyoto JourneeBox.
It sounded new for us to be a part of the assortment of the Kyoto Box, and I thought it's a great idea especially under the pandemic because we cannot travel around the world like before.

Not only that but also they suggested us to have a furoshiki Workshop for their customers.
It was literally the first time for us to have an online workshop only in English for the people outside of Japan.
We were enthusiastic about that because we know Furoshiki is more fun that way when you know how to use it and how it has been inherited.
It was truly our pleasure to spread Furoshiki through their JourneeBox and Workshop.

Kevia Workshop

Kevia Style

Photos from customers who participated in

2. Suggestions and Supports from Yamada Sen-i

We supported from the order to the workshop.
I suggested the paper which is suitable for the size and material for their special paper band.
We had an online meeting before for the workshop, and I prepared how to present furoshiki wrapping based on the flow they planned. We rehearsed with support from Kevia.

It was impressing to do Furoshiki with their customers and see the comments directly.
We at Yamada sen-i know they had many options to choose from, we thank you for choosing us.

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