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Art for wrapping, carrying, and decorating!

Purpose: Sales of original merchandise
Processing: Fully custom-made
Size: 68cm
Material: Polyester

Shunsuke Imai: Skirt and Scene

Shunske Imai Skirt and Scene

Shunsuke Imai

Interview with "Shunsuke Imai: Skirt and Scene" by MIMOCA Magazine
*Photographed in the exhibition venue by Takashi Kato
*Photo provided by The MIMOCA Foundation

Shunsuke Imai: Skirt and Scene" was exhibited at the Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (MIMOCA) from July to November 2022.
We produced an original furoshiki, "Skirt and Scene" as one of the goods related to the exhibition.

Voice of the staff, Watanabe

The concept of the work and the furoshiki matched.

Original Furoshiki Skirt and Scene

Original Furoshiki Skirt and Scene

Original Furoshiki Skirt and Scene Bottle Wrap

Shunsuke Imai draws paintings using a method in which he prints randomly arranged data such as straight lines on paper and then bends the paper and traces the distorted lines by hand.

Based on this, the person in charge of museum goods said, "We adopted "the design before distortion" for furoshiki. We hope you may discover the unexpected countless combination of shapes and colors in daily use of furoshiki.

The color matching was especially difficult because of the multiple colors, but they were very pleased with how well it turned out.

Selling furoshiki and patchin together

Furoshiki patchin bag

The combination of the design and the patchin (handles) was so beautiful that it was sold at the same time with the "Furoshiki Patchin".

We hope you enjoy the "combination of colors" and "interesting shapes" created when you wrap it.


As art

Furoshiki Art

In addition to wrapping, the furoshiki can also be framed and displayed on the wall, which proves the high affinity between furoshiki and art.

We hope you will enjoy "Skirt and Scene furoshiki" to the fullest, whether you incorporate it into your life as interior decoration or use it as a bag or scarf to go out together.

All items are sold out, and additional items were produced

We have heard that all the furoshiki sold at the "MIMOCA Web Shop" were sold out and received good reviews.

Plus, this spring, "Shunsuke Imai: Skirt and Scene" will be a travelling exhibition at "Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery" (April 15, 2023-June 18, 2023).

We are pleased to announce that the museum store will also be selling the furoshiki which was produced in addition to the first production!



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