Ewan McGregor visited our MUSUBI shop in Tokyo!

Ewan McGregor visited the MUSUBI shop in Tokyo to promote the movie,

“Christopher Robin”

 Ewan McGregor Japan

It was broadcasted on TV show program “Mezamashi TV”

It was his first time to come to Japan!

We were so happy to have him in our store.

 Ewan McGregor Pooh

Why did he come to MUSUBI shop?

Because Christopher Robin works for a bag company in the movie,

so he came to experience traditional Japanese bag, “Furoshiki”.

 Pooh Ewan McGregor

He learned how to make a bag using Furoshiki,

and he made a “Pooh bag” with his friend Pooh.

It looks so cute!


The Furoshiki he used is Isa-Monyo series.

You can check it from here:https://www.musubi-furoshiki.com/collections/isa-monyo

Ewan Japan

Let’s go watch the movie, “Christopher Robin” with a pooh bag!