[A case of custom order]  Glenfiddich
Aug. 3, 2021

The expression a luxuriousness with purple color combined with the gold print

【intended end-usage】 Sales of a original product
【Type of Custom】Full order

"Glenfiddich" One of the whisky brands from Scotland



Mirit Weinstock is an Israeli artist and designer. Mirit is the creative director and founder of “Mirit Weinstock” jewelry brand, presenting luxury hand-crafted costume jewelry. Mirit is currently based in Tokyo for culture studies. Previously she lived in Paris and Tel Aviv, where she launched her eponymous fashion label in 2004 and later her jewelry brand.


Voice of Customer by designer Mirit Weinstock

I searched for a Furoshiki company that can offer a creative dialog


Glenfiddich invited me to design a pendant and a Furoshiki cloth for the launching of their new whiskey Grande Couronne in Israel.
I searched for a Furoshiki company that can offer a creative dialog and helps me produce a modern custom made Furoshiki with traditional methods.


About the finished product

I was very happy with the final Furoshiki! I think the choice of the purple color combined with the gold print gave a very luxurious feeling reflecting the identity of Glenfiddich. Glenfiddich

ref. Instagram of Mirit Weinstock

The Glenfiddich team was extremely happy with the Furoshiki! Thank you for your help bringing this project into live!

Voice of Yamada sen-i co., ltd.

“It was very difficult to print detailed designs all over with gold”

I received a request from the designer Mirit, she said she would like to use a Furoshiki for Glenfiddich’s limited whiskey package. It was a project that was realized in response to her enthusiasm.
She liked the very Japan-ish material, so we jeweled with gold pigment prints all over the polyester crepe Furoshiki. Gold prints shine on the Furoshiki in purple color, and it has a very gorgeous and luxurious finish.
Glenfiddich In order to wrap a boxed whisky, we went ahead with 90cm size of Furoshiki in the way of wrapping called "Two Vertical Knots".
It is very difficult to print fine designs all over the surface with gold on this size of polyester crepe material. Mirit Weinstock adjusted the design for us, and we have achieved it with the full cooperation of the person in charge of production and the factory.


A Video shows tips on how to wrap beautifully

I proposed the best design exclusives to Furoshiki that it would be beautifully patterned when wrapped as a specialist of Furoshiki.
Also, I explained tips on how to make basic knots as well as how to wrap beautifully, in a video since it is supposed to be used outside Japan.
I was very happy to see the beautiful finish.

I was honored that Ms. Mirit and Glenfiddich team liked it. It was an amazing opportunity for Furoshiki to be picked up as a package overseas, also I was impressed to have it introduced wonderfully by Glenfiddich.
Thank you once again for the opportunity.

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【Business Description】 Manufucture and sale of whiskey
【Location】 Scotland