Does anyone hear about the series  "Rikokatsu” by any chance ?

Furoshiki from Musubi appeared on episode 4:「誕生会が地獄絵図へ…全員離婚の結末は!? (The birthday party turning into a inferno… Everyone is divorcing and what comes to the end? )」

One of women who was invited to a birthday party brought homemade meal wrapped by Furoshiki even though the rest of participants brought gifts put into paper bags.
The woman brought representative Japanese homemade cuisines such as Chikuzen-ni and Oden.

Chikuzen-ni(筑前煮): simmered chicken and root vegetables
Oden(おでん): a type of Japanese hot pot

The furoshiki which appeared on the scene is…
70 Koetsu Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing | Lotus Pink
Regular Price: ¥3,500

The lotus has a lots of important meanings. Lotus is regarded as the most lofty flower in Buddhism. It is said that lotus fruits make people dream in Greece mythology. This is traditional but the dignity of the lotus motif never changes.

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About “Rikokatsu (リコカツ)”
Broadcasting date: Friday, 10pm (JST)
A couple had a fateful meeting who married without dating is altered into the edge of divorcing. Was the marriage wrong?
Saki who works at a publisher and Kouichi who was born the first boy of a family of self-defense official get start their romance with a divorce…?

Broadcasting date: Friday, 10pm (JST)


What we have to mention is that… Furoshiki in 70cm is the best for a bigger size of containers and lunch boxes.
Furoshiki is essential when you want to carry boxes firmly wrapped because the boxes are unstable with a rustle inside paper bags.
How about using furoshiki for a home party?