Furoshiki Organizing Tip

A simple drop bag which is made with 70cm furoshiki is useful as a room storage. 

A simple bag is very easy to make.
If you would like to learn how to make it, please check it on YouTube.

■ 70 Masaru Suzuki Water-Repellent | FRUIT FARM Light Blue

A hair dryer may bother you sometimes because it has a long cord.
Not only that but also it ruins the interior decoration because of its mechanical appearance.
You can tie a simple bag to a bar or hang it somewhere has a hook at the washroom. It's easy to put in and easy to take out.
Of course, you can put anything you want apart from a dryer.

How about storing hygiene goods or toilet tissues? It covers them all, but stress free to store and use the goods.
70 Cohare | Flower Stripes Beige is used for this photo

■70 Hanging Cochae Water-Repellent | Sloth Yellow

The sloth protect your toy and stuff! Needless to say, the bigger furoshiki like the photo below (90cm) can has more capacity.

Please pick up your favorite and the design which has a good harmony with your décor, and enjoy the new vibe with the furoshiki organizing tip.