Furoshiki flew out to the world

Happy New Year!

Furoshiki appeared on multiple medias throughout the world last year. Environmental awareness may be one of the reasons that furoshiki have been exposed to worldwide medias.

Furoshiki is art, a tool or what?
In some countries, it is becoming a trend to refill bottles when you run out your shampoo, soap or sauce.
Japanese people, back then, used to bring their bottles to refill soy sauce and carry them wrapping with furoshiki.
Now that we think about it, Furoshiki was a pioneer in the sustainable field although most of the Japanese people don't take it as a sustainable product nor art, surprisingly.
Having said that, it has started gathering people's attention as eco-friendly Japanese art mainly in Europe.

Recently, we saw that Uniqlo Netherlands sells Furoshiki while using the Japanese word "Furoshiki" as it is.
Check here and here

 We also had more opportunities to work with overseas clients, and experienced new things such as online workshop all in English, participating in the installation at tropen national museum in Amsterdam as well as In-company workshop with TATCHA, etc...

We had a lots of requests of original furoshiki and logo print/embroidery from various countries last year.

We, Yamada sen-i・MUSUBI will spread Japanese culture/art along with the modern society we're living in with the responsibility as one of the traditional furoshiki manufacturers this year, too.