COMING SOON 70cm Water-repellent Furoshiki
MUSUBI new collection "70cm Water-repellent Furoshiki" will be launched at 5pm, April 9th (JST)

70 YUMEJI Water-Repellent | Four Leaves and Doku-Dami Pink
70 YUMEJI Water-Repellent | Camellia Dark Navy
70 kata kata musubi Water-Repellent | Cat & Yarn Yellow
70 Isa Monyo Water-Repellent | Pine Turquoise
70 Isa Monyo Water-Repellent | Heart Vine Vermilion
70 Hanging Cochae Water-Repellemt | Sloth Yellow
70 Hanging Cochae Water-Repellemt | Bat Dark Brown
70 Cohare Water-Repellent | Hammingbird Gray

Price: 1800 yen

70cm size of water repellent furoshiki was produced with requests from our customers.
It is useful and practical.
The texture is smooth like a windbreaker jacket.

The lightweight water-resistant material is suitable even in a time of emergency.