In-company workshop with TATCHA

One day in October, 2021, we, Yamada sen-i held an in-company workshop with one of the most wonderful skin care companies "TATCHA" in order to lecture how to do "furoshiki wraps".

Tatcha designed their original furoshiki in 90cm(35.4″) for their special products, and we supported on manufacturing it.

TATCHA original Furoshiki 90cm
Flower Wrapping with Tatcha original Furoshiki
We used 90cm (35.4″) furoshiki shown on the photo above, and they used 70cm (27.6″) with a Tatcha gold logo.

Sales experts form Tatcha team in the US came together and learned following 3 furoshiki wrappings. 

1. Standard Wrapping
Standard Wrapping

2. Simple Bag
Simple Bag

3. Flower Wrapping
Flower Wrapping

It's always been our honor to tell someone about Furoshiki. We hope the session helped to enable Tatcha team to gain a better understanding of furoshiki for their business.

Group Photo
A group photo with Tatcha team
You can see us at Musubi Shop in KYOTO at the upper left corner of the photo.

Thank you for finding the value in Furoshiki!


Tacha is a worldwide beloved skin care line which is uses organic ingredients.
Their every formula is crafted at the Tatcha Institute in Tokyo.

You can purchase Tatcha products in the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and China.
Please refer to Where to buy.