Become a fan by viewing, knowing and experiencing


Production of original collaborative furoshiki, An exhibition of art by people with disabilities (Art Brut), Campaign Installation, Furoshiki workshop, Furoshiki sales


Dec. 26, 2022 - Feb. 9, 2023

An event with the theme "想いを結ぶ: Omoi wo Musubu (Connecting Thoughts)"

The event "Connecting Thoughts(想いを結ぶ)" was held at FANCL Ginza Square, proposing ethical living based on the item "furoshiki" and from an exhibition of art by people with disabilities. Fancl Ginza Square, FUKUFUKU+ and Musubi jointly organised the exhibition, workshops and campaign.

Customer feedback (Fukuchi by FANCL)

Encounter with 'Art Brut'

FANCL Ginza Square is Fancl's flagship shop, offering the latest beauty and health experiences and information, while also focusing on sustainable initiatives.


In autumn 2022, an art exhibition was held to display paintings by handicapped people. We received a lot of positive feedback from our customers, who said it was a good initiative and agreed with our corporate stance, and we thought, "We would like to continue this kind of initiative in the future".
At the right time, we came across Musubi's furoshiki "Art Brut", which we had been dealing with in another project of ours, and we thought, "This is it!" and asked Mr. Watanabe of the Tokyo Sales Department to help us.

An installation using the entire building

For this event, I visited Musubi's shop in Omotesando, Tokyo, for the first time. What I saw there was a modern and wonderful space that was completely different from the "furoshiki impression" I had imagined. It made me realise that the furoshiki is an item that matches today's lifestyles, so I asked to have our store decorated as well.

a circle of sustainable

I saw an article about 'Furoshiki SDGs LIFE' in the past archives and thought, 'If we can work with a company like this, our circle of sustainable initiatives may expand even further'. I wanted to identify the commonalities between us and Musubi's SDG initiatives and express them in an easy-to-understand manner on each floor of the building.

10th Floor of FANCL Sky Garden
10th Floor of FANCL Sky Garden

People became a fan by viewing, knowing and experiencing

fancl products
fancl and musubi wrapping

Especially foreign visitors entered our store saying "Lovely!" or "What is that?", seeing furoshiki hanging from the ceiling. We had many opportunities to have visitors tried our cosmetics testers, have their skin checked, and purchased products. We learned that the display had made people "view, know, experience and become a fan". Many customers saw the furoshiki on display and asked our staff, "Can you teach me how to wrap that?" I think it has become a tool for expanding communication. Our staff also said that if the customers are so excited about it, they would like to use it as a wrapping method.

The response to the Instagram campaign was amazing

instagram campaign
Ginza Square and Musubi's collaborative W Follow & Like campaign

The response to the Instagram campaign was just amazing! There were 878 comments on the 'Follow Campaign' and 269 posts on the '#FuroshikiMikke'. That many posts was a response that would not have been possible with FANCL Ginza Square alone, and it made us realise that there was an affinity with the Musubi collaboration.

We also had 490,000 impressions on our instagram, and I am glad that we were able to collaborate.
We felt that even people from far away who normally have difficulty visiting us and customers who have not yet experienced FANCL products were able to enjoy and participate in this campaign.


Once you get to know them, you'll be into furoshiki

furoshiki workshop

The furoshiki workshop was also a great success. It was impressive to see that even afterF the workshop was over, the participants were still asking questions and reviewing how to tie the furoshiki.
We realized that you'll be into furoshiki once you get to know how to use.

Expansion through the use of furoshiki

Since 2021, we have been involved in the FANCL Recycling Program, an initiative to collect and recycle containers together with our customers.

FANCL has a special subsidiary called 'FANCL Smile', where handicapped employees work, and the collected containers are cleaned by these employees. The containers are then transformed into flowerpots, which are then used for environmental education and greening activities at elementary schools.

When we talked about the Musubi initiative at the event, customers commented, "FANCL also collects containers!"; I could feel that the customers themselves understood that they were participating in the sustainable initiatives together with FANCL as well as became even bigger fans.

Voice of the person in charge (Etsuko Yamada, PR)

By collaborating with FANCL this time, we felt there was a room for growth that we only could have achieved with the team FANCL together.
I was surprised at the number of posts on Musubi's Instagram and the number of people watching our Youtube videos.
I was happy to realize that FANCL fans on the lookout for new information were able to relate to the SDGs initiative and enjoy the furoshiki as well.

FANCL established 'FANCL Smile' in 1999; it was long before the term 'SDGs' spread. I felt the joy of being able to hold an event that shares the same aspirations as a company that is working so earnestly on the SDGs. Thank you very much for giving us this precious opportunity.