48cm ISA-monyo


104cm ISA-monyo


ISA-monyo Water-repellent


ISA-MONYO laboratory has created numerous unique patterns and designs since the 1940s.
They have more than 3,000 cut panel patterns made of Kakishibu (persimmon tannin).

Our fabric prints are double-sided and use the same pattern. However, each side has its own unique color variation. Truly unique pieces as no two fabrics are exactly the same.
Shantung, which is one of the most popular cottons, is strong enough to carry heavy items. The fabric’s texture will soften after washing.

isa mold

You will find the colored weaving threads on one side.
This is a feature of the dyeing process and is not a defect.
Each Isa-monyo may look unique as they are handmade by a craftsman.


Cherry blossoms are the most popular flowers for Japanese people and symbolize spring. That means bringing us happiness. It is used not only in spring but also all year long.


Chrysanthemum is popular in Japanese culture as it means eternal youth. It is well-known among Japanese people used in seasonal festivity for praying long life.


The pattern of Japanese apricot is recognized as a symbol of happiness. Because it blooms earlier than the other flowers. It is suitable for wedding and family celebration.


The pattern of pine symbolizes a long-life as it is well-known for its longevity. It is suitable for gifts especially when you give to elderly.


Camellia has been loved by Japanese for its noble atmosphere since long ago. It is one of the most popular flowers used for kimono and other accessories, and suitable as a gift for women.


This pattern was created in the motif of knot which expresses bond between people. It is suitable for showing your thankfulness to someone, family celebrations and weddings.

Heart Vine

Heart Vine is known as a plant which brings the success of love and good luck for its heart shaped leaves and vines. This pattern is suitable as a birthday or wedding gifts.

New Sprout

This pattern was created in the motif of sprout. It is suitable to celebrate childbirth and starting a new life.

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