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One step forward for the future. How can furoshiki save the environment?

Versatille Fursohiki is getting people's attentions as a reusable wrapping tool not only in Japan but also all over the world
because people over the world gradually started to care about the sustainable life.

Each colour is dyed by hand and the layered colours create the unique colours.
The designs are easy to fit for everyone's needs regardless your gender, age, style.
100 MUSUBI ORGANIC | Square Blue, Square Bluegray, Circle Pink, Circle Blue

70 & 48 MUSUBI ORGANIC Plain | Solid Color Ecru, Solid Color Red, Solid Color Navy Blue

What is good?

Farmworkers are exposed to the risks of poisonings, infertility and defects because of chemicals, especially pesticide, but organic
can help. It protects health of workers and communities nearby. Plus, fair trade is regulated. That assures safe working conditions,
rights and fair wage. As well as that, it protects wild life who are at risk from chemicals. It is of course good for your skin as well
since it is chemical free. This means you are also safe from toxic pesticide and chemicals.

Towards Zero Plastic Waste.....

We are trying to reduce plastic packages as much as possible

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