About us

Paving the Way to the Future of Furoshiki

Yamada sen-i has been established in 1937 as a manufacture of Furoshiki and we have been focusing on promoting Furoshiki which is one of beautiful Japanese culture. It has been grown up with the hearts and minds of Japanese people. Since the establishment, we have been creation original Furoshiki for many years.

The name of our Furoshiki brand “MUSUBI” comes from “born(生す/musu)” and “beauty(美/bi)” in Japanese. Additionally, “MUSUBI” means “a knot” and “to tie” MUSUBI produce and sell hundreds of different Furoshiki using various dying and weaving techniques such as double-sided dying.

musubi store tokyo

We are also collaboration with a fashion label “minä perhonen”, traditional hand wood block artist “KARACHO” and Origami artist “COCHAE” to produce Furoshiki.
As our experience is fine for producing Furoshiki and textiles, we are getting many OEM orders and special custom orders from wholesale and retail customers. Small orders are welcome, we can flexibly deal with them.



Furoshiki is one of traditional Japanese culture developed by thoughtful mind and wisdom of Japanese people. Although our lifestyle has been changing nowadays, we would like to enrich your life though Furoshiki.

Yoshio Yamada

Our Head Office is located in the beautiful city of Kyoto:

18 Kashiracho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-0031 Japan
Tel: +81 75 256 0123 
Office hours: 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. (JST)


What is Furoshiki?

A simple square cloth called Furoshiki which is one of traditional Japanese culture. There are customs from a long time ago in Japan. When we hand gifts to someone, wrapped it with seasonal design of Furoshiki. These behaviors imply that your gift is handled importantly.

Nowadays, Furoshiki is versatilely used in many different ways. As you can see photos below, you can wrap and tie each corner or Furoshiki in different kind of ways to suit the size and shape of contents within. It is very useful to carry items and if you wrap your gift with Furoshiki, it will be helpful for you to express your feeling to someone.

Their number of uses stretching as far as your imagination. You can use it as shawls and mats. Of cause, when not in use, it folds up compactly.

Why don’t you start and exciting Furoshiki life.


interior lifestyle tokyo 2014

collection "MUSUBI-ten"

lunch event of "chou-musubi" in spiral 2013

in kyoto

oh! froshiki exhibition in salone del mobile 2014, milano

tokyo designers week in milano 2014