Autumn in Japan 2020

They say that it is very rare to have sunny days continuously in autumn in Japan.
It had been sunny over 10 days.

The sky is hazing being soaked in the dazzling sun.
I walk through paths in Kyoto hearing the autumn leaves rustles behind.
It's very peaceful to feel those tranquil moments.
I hope there is a moment like this for you all around the world.
There are not many spectaculars comparing to the usual years due to the covid-19,
yet we are capable of discovering our own serendipities.

It feels like people has started to change how to see the world
since the pandemic started as many people have already mentioned.
“Living well together” is being more considered in Japan as well as the world.
Remarkable movement in 2020 was being raised the awareness of SDGs.
Probably not only in Japan but also everywhere in the world,
we got more chances to see information about SDGs in fashion magazines, local papers, web news or whatsoever.

As it’s getting acknowledged, we have come to rethink how furoshiki can play a role in order to take one step forward for the better future.

Winter has come.

Our furoshiki was introduced as an eco-friendly product by International Hospitality and Conference Service Association.

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一般社団法人 国際交流サービス協会(IHCSA)