Are you ready to say hello to 2021?

It is getting freezing here in Kyoto.
The genuine winter has finally come after years.
This coldness notifies us it is nearly the end of the year.
We, people have been coping with the situation which we were not accustomed to under the pandemic
although it was a sudden change and no one expected it.
It felt like it is galaxy away when we lived in normal life and traveled everywhere in the world.
Probably it is because I’ve been feeling a bit blue throughout 2020,
I just realized that I am very calm when I’m doing a furoshiki.
If you have a chance or feel like adding a unique sense, please try furoshiki sometime in the future.
We hope you will have a glimpse of happiness.

minä perhonen wool furoshiki, it fits a chilly air in Winter.
The texture is soft and lightweight.

Bring this with you. It will help you when you need a sub-bag, blanket or scarf.
Warm yourself up and please take care of yourself.