48cm Ukiyo-e



68 cm /26.8″

104cm Ukiyo-e


UKIYO-E, started in the Edo era (江戸時代).
It is considered art for the local people.
It had focused on drawing everyday life and seasonal scenery whilst keeping it cultural. UKIYO originally means "the harsh and vulnerable world".

It's fun to imagine what you can wrap in furoshiki. It's also fun to find the perfect size! Here are some wonderful examples.
104cm furoshiki(40.9inches) is great as a bag or even as wall décor.
Wrap a bottle of wine with 68cm (26.7inches) furoshiki and bring it with you not only as a bottle bag, but you can also leave it as a gift.
48cm (18.9inches), it's good for everyday use: wrap a lunch box, as a book cover and so on.

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