Press release Vol.01

“FUROSHIKI - Eco&Friendly Style”

Yamada Sen-I announced that it will participate for the first time in “MAISON&OBJET”, one of the largest trade fairs for interior lifestyle (decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, tableware, etc.... ) to be held in Paris, France in January 2018.

Many buyers are visiting to MAISON&OBJET, which looks like Paris collection of interior design from all over the world. We will present traditional and modern Japanese furoshiki at this exhibition. We will introduce furoshiki, a representative custom of Japan, as a square cloth that creates an enjoyable, comfortable, and eco-friendly item in people's lives.
A single piece of fabric for wrapping has been used by many countries for a long time. However, due to economic development and innovation, people don't use fabric for wrapping any more. We will present “How to Enrich Life” through a piece of fabric, furoshiki, for the next generation around the world.

We promote approximately 60 items representative of the MUSUBI brand: Isa-monyo, Chou-musubi, COCHAE, Denim, and katakata. We have a wide variety of sizes and fabrics including water-repellent, reversible, and linen with embroidery.

We will release a promotional video: “One day with your Furoshiki”.
The story focuses on how to use furoshiki in your life through a global point of view.

We announced 10 videos on “How to Use Furoshiki” that you can access with a QR code or other SNS.

About Yamada Sen-I Co.,Ltd / MUSUBI

Yamada Sen-I has been established in 1937 as a manufacture of Furoshiki and we have been focusing on promoting Furoshiki which is one of beautiful Japanese culture. It has been grown up with the hearts and minds of Japanese people. Since the establishment, we have been creation original Furoshiki for many years. “MUSUBI” is a brand developed by the Furoshiki manufacturing company Yamada Sen-I in Kyoto. We succeed in being the intellectual and mindful forerunner for furoshiki, suggesting “how to” and “design” for fashion in the modern lifestyle.