~Enjoy Water repellent Furoshiki~

We introduce the special Furoshiki called " AQUA DROP".

Furoshiki is generally made from cotton, polyester,rayon, silk and etc…

AQUA DROP is a water repellent Furoshiki!


You can use this water-repellent Furoshiki in many different ways such as a picnic seat, wrapping wet cloths or swim suit when you go to the beach, and even for a table cloth!

"AQUA DROP" will protect your important bags, luggage and some belongings from sudden rains.

This video introduce how to use Furoshiki to enjoy rainy days with "AQUA DROP".

Check the video! → https://www.musubi-furoshiki.com/pages/video

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When the water repellent effect weakens, simply apply an iron (medium temperature) and the water repellent effect will return!

This water repellect Furoshiki "AQUA DROP" has many kind of designs.