"Suzuki Masaru x MUSUBI" Collection is finally launched

Now the international shipping for Suzuki Masaru collection is available!
Please let us introduce the collection. 

■100 Double-Face Masaru Suzuki | STRIPE HORSE Blue & Red
■100 Double-Face Masaru Suzuki | WATER BIRD Green & Navy Blue

■100 MUSUBI LINEN Masaru Suzuki | ZEBRA Pink & Blue
■100 MUSUBI LINEN Masaru Suzuki | CANARY Gray & Green

■70 Masaru Suzuki Water-Repellent | FRUIT FARM Light Blue
■70 Masaru Suzuki Water-Repellent | PONY LAND Pink

■100 Masaru Suzuki Water-Repellent | TREE HOUSE Navy Blue
■100 Masaru Suzuki Water-Repellent | FLOWER BED Red

         Interview with Masaru Suzuki(鈴木マサル)
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Furoshiki is one of the traditional culture/life style which have been succeeded from ancient times, but it can be well connected to the art.
Furoshiki is a simple cloth, and it is possible regarded as a canvas. Perhaps, the trait makes it possible to accompany the art.
Furoshiki can be called "textile" but it is not precisely the same; it has a purpose of wrapping objects. it has very uniquely fit and grown with the changing times, and radiantly spread in this day and age.


Suzuki Masaru

Suzuki Masaru is a textile designer who have worked with marimekko, CAMPER, Uniqlo and so on. He throws an annual exhibition of umbrella and installation, and also he is known as a good interior visual designer. http://masarusuzuki.com/