~『MUSUBI Furoshiki contest 2020』~

MUSUBI Furoshiki contest 2020 was closed!

Thank you so much for participating!!

Reception period>Feb 23rd, 2020 to Mar, 23rd.

Total post:212 post Number of people participated:54 people 

These are 10 people who won the award !!


No.130 theartofjapanesewrapping 様


【Furoshiki code賞】

No.147 tama__hiyo 様


Furoshiki KIDS賞】

No.134 pbkumi 様

【Furoshiki Presentation賞】

No.192 yokote0303 様


【Good Idea賞】

No.197 iam.nachiko 様


No.037 noemie832020 様

COOL Interior賞】

No.203 makarin_o 様

【Furoshiki Picnic賞】

No.198 tmko66 様

【Furoshiki communication賞】

No.025 iidakazuko 様


【Furoshiki Everyday賞】

No.018 shige11162002 様

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