New wrapping style,
New life style
68 - 70cm Furoshiki is ideal for wrapping bottles
After unwrap the gift, how about using as a bag? It is more fun this way
when you add the patchings or rings.

Find 68cm- 70cm Furoshiki

Furoshiki wrapping
to maximize the application
It will be more common way to use a sustainable material for wrapping in the near future.
Even more amazingly, you can wrap small gift like a perfume without a box.
Furoshiki has wrapped not only objects but also people's heart since old times.
Find 45- 50 cm Furoshiki

More ways to enjoy Christmas
reducing your waste
90 - 104 cm Furoshiki is ideal for wrapping a large box.
Are you planning to gift clothes? Let's say you have a box 40 x 40 cm... 90 -104 cm Furoshiki
fits your gifts. After it's unwrapped, they will bloom rooms as home décor like a wall tapestry,
curtain, tablecloth and son on. You can organize your clothes with Furoshiki, of course.
Find 90 - 104 cm Furoshiki
flowr basket 104 Shantung
100 Hime Musubi Adeline Klam | Peony Orange 100 mina perhonen Organic Cotton | tsutsumu

Other Occasions

Small gifts to multiple recipients.
Try out affordable and sustainable gift wrapping!

Gift wrapping for a very special occasion

Silk furoshiki is very special and used for a very important ceremony or celebration.
Silk Furoshiki