Christmas gift wrapping for kids

70cm - 100cm

Outdoor Usage

Gift a soccer ball, basket ball etc.
with furoshiki

Go play with a
furoshiki carry bag after Christmas

Let’s lay a furoshiki and take a rest


How about wrapping a book or
coloring book with color pencils?
Bring them all together with a furoshiki bag
after the gifts are unwrapped.

The Wrapping cloth will turns out
a bag after Christmas

Would you like to check how to make a bag with 70cm furoshiki?

After kids unwrapped gifts. . .

Some examples how to wrap

After gift wrapping, 50cm furoshiki turns out a home decor, book cover, lunch box wrapping cloth and so on.
You might find a gift that is worth it more than the actual gift in a long run.

Wrapping cloth worth than
a wrapping cloth

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