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45 Cohare | Forest Red

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Product Description

A forest image using the pattern of extended triangles. It shows dot patterns like rain and snow in nature giving the blessing of a silent forest.
A Japanese pattern called “Uroko monyo” It means “Reproduction” and uses images of sacred animal like Dragons and Snakes. The motif was used for warding of evil in the Edo period. It is recommend for wrapping of a special gift.

Product Details

  • Code : 21413-107
  • Dimensions : 45 x 45 cm (17.7″ x 17.7″). 
  • Weight : 36 g.
  • Material : 100% cotton.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Gift Wrapping (Lunch Box etc..)


This Cohare series is a thin cotton material that uses casual scenes; it is popular for wrapping and is often used as a sales promotion. Also recommended for table mats and wrapping children’s bento boxes.

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