〜Kyoto 〜
Date: Feb 16th - 18th
Venue: MUSUBI Kyoto Store
Address:67 Masuya-cho, Sanjodori Sakaimachi Higashi-iru,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8111
Tel.: 075-212-7222; fax: 075-212-7223

※Prior booking essential

We are going to have a live streaming (Webinar) for the first time.
The video will be released in the near future.

The theme of our new collection is "colorful".
The cold dark of winter is almost over, and furoshiki in cheerful spring colors is on its way. suzuki masaru

We have another news for today.
Musubi furoshiki was introduced on a TV program "Matsuko no Shiranai Sekai(マツコの知らない世界)".

Title: 再ブーム到来!風呂敷の世界 (The trend has come again! The world of Furoshiki)

The presenter, Matsuko DX was very interested in Fuku Cochae series.

Shishimai&Thief Green

48 Fuku COCHAE | Shishimai&Thief Green
It has two faces on one cloth; so-called, two side of the same coin.
Matsuko said that Karakusa (arabesque pattern) reminds him of a thief though it has good meanings.
It is said that Shishimai brings a happiness by dancing.
They will make your loved ones smile by their funny and cute appearance.

The latest collection from 70 Fuku Cochae has a different vibe, but they also represents good fortune.

It’s perfect for wrapping a wine bottle, Oju-box and cake box.