Enrich Your Life with Furoshiki

Our customers delightfully tell us, 'My life has been a blast since I started using Furoshiki.'
Essentially, Furoshiki is a handy and eco-friendly product that enhances our daily lives. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to appreciate it as an art form, immersing oneself in the cultural aspect and finding joy in creativity.
Our directly operated stores in Tokyo and Kyoto are open to convey the delight of Furoshiki-infused living to as many people as possible.

A New Challenge: Wishes on a Single Cloth

Our purpose is to create a Furoshiki that fits into modern life.
We'll continue to explore with an adventurous spirit and our creativity while respecting tradition.
We employ various techniques, such as 'Reversible Dyeing,' 'Dual-Pattern Dyeing,' and 'Water-Repellent Processes,' among others, to create the unique compositions of Furoshiki.
Innovation is fueled by the responsibility and passion of each employee, further supported by professional, curated artisans.

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The New World that Begins with ‘Furoshiki is Interesting’

Starting with 'Chou Musubi' in collaboration with minä perhonen, our journey with various talented creators has birthed a multitude of creative collections.
One of our missions is to create "New Furoshiki" that can be enjoyed not only in 2D but also in 3D. This moment marks an opportunity for us to encounter fresh stimuli and possibilities.


To create a sense of 'I want to experience it'

We place great value on installations that showcase the possibilities of Furoshiki and create spaces designed to thrill people. Our mission is to evoke a sense of 'I want to experience it,' not only in Japan but also throughout the world, by conveying the joy of tying a knot.

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furoshiki SDGs LIFE

To carry forward 'the culture of spirit' and 'sustainability' into the future

What is significance of using Furoshiki in a society where everything is readily available? We actively participate in events both in Japan and other countries, showcasing our commitment to advancing 'the culture of spirit' and 'sustainability' inherent in Furoshiki. We continuously bridge the gap between 'Furoshiki and Now' by engaging with various media platforms, discussing topics such as eco-bags, Japanese culture, sustainability, and other related angles.

Global Works

Activity and Media History

  • February 2005
    Opening MUSUBI Tokyo Store
  • November 2011
    ‘FU FU FU, Furoshiki Festival(ふふふ、ふろしき祭)’ at ISETAN main store in Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • February 2014
    「Chou musubi minä perhonen+musubi」at Spiral in Tokyo
  • April 2017
    Opening MUSUBI Kyoto Store
  • November 2018
    ‘FUROSHIKI PARIS’ at the front of Paris City Hall in France
  • December 2020
    Our CEO appearing in the TV show ‘TOKYO-KOUSATEN(東京交交差点)’
  • March 2021
    ‘SUZUKI Masaru and Musubi’s Furoshiki’ at Spiral in Tokyo
  • April 2021
    ‘Gifts Unwrapped’ at Tropenmuseum (now Wereldmuseum) in the Netherlands
  • June 2022
    ‘Furoshiki SDGs LIFE’ at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo
  • May 2023
    「‘Furoshiki SDGs LIFE’ at Museum of Kyoto Annex in Kyoto
  • August 2023
    ‘Chou musubi 10th Anniversary’ at call in Tokyo & koti in Kanagawa
  • October 2023
    ‘COCHAE 20th Anniversary Fair’ in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okayama and Shimane
  • November 2023
    Appearing in the web article of ‘New York Times’

Aiming for a sustainable environment and society

We've been asked many times during our visits to Europe, 'Why do you use polyester even though Furoshiki itself is a wonderful sustainable product?'
This question reflects the high expectations for Furoshiki and reminds us of the areas we need to focus on as a Furoshiki shop. Our goal is to develop products made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton or recycled polyester. Additionally, we aim to create an office environment that promotes recycling of waste materials and a system that supports ongoing employment for everyone.

Our activities for the sustainablity
organic cotton