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90 Silk Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing No.13 (Heavy weight) | Phoenix Dark Red

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Product Description

Bigger size of silk furoshiki use in wedding in Japan. Lucky omen pattern “phoenix bird” draw happy pattern is drift noble inpression.

Product Details

  • Code : 30626-001
  • Dimensions : 90 x 90 cm (35.4″ x 35.4″).
  • Weight : 301 g.
  • Material : 100% silk.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Bag etc..

90 Silk Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing No.13 (Heavy weight)

In the Edo period (1688-1704), Yuzen Miyazaki was a famous painter of folding fans in Kyoto. The “Yuzen” technique takes his name and is used in creating a novel “kosode” (a typical short sleave garment) using a dye which involves free drawing of refined and brilliant patterns, much like a fan. The Yuzen method includes etching paint using drops of acidic persimmon juice and a paper pattern. Yuzen can also be used to decorate sliding doors, adding colours one by one.
(* the value or weight of the silk thread - a larger number means better quality)