Payment method: Credit card, Bank transfer or PayPal

* Payer must be the same as ordered company name.

Remittance charges: All payment remittance charges are to be borne by you.

※Please be sure to complete your purchase in Japanese yen within a week.

※Please transfer directly to our bank if you don't need a correspondent bank when making overseas transfer.

We will ship items after the payment is confirmed.

Starting from 50,000 yen and above per order.

Additional discounts include: 

Spend 200,000 yen or more and save 4% with the code "2424".
Spend 400,000 yen or more and save 8% with the code "4848". 

Use one of these codes during checkout if it isn't applied automatically.

Please note, there may be partial order cancellations if products are out of stock. In this case, your invoice will not include those products.
As a courtesy, you may still complete your order even if the invoice falls below the 50,000 yen requirement. We will send the details to your registered e-mail address.

Price does not include VAT and custom fees.

Payment of tax and duties will be charged to the client by transportation company after the delivery.