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50 Hare Tsutsumi Checker Navy Blue

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Product Description

In the middle of Edo-era, Ichimatsu pattern got famous because of one of the most popular Kabuki actors "Sanokawa Ichimatsu" who was dressed in Hakama with the checkered pattern in white and deep blue color; it began to be called Ichimatsu pattern by his name.
"Ichimatsu pattern (checkered pattern)" means the eternity and prosperity because the pattern lasts endlessly.
This is made out of uneven cotton butcher fabric.

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Product Details

  • Code : 20725-105
  • Dimensions : 50 x 50㎝ (19.7 ″ x 19.7″)
  • Weight : 42 g.(0.09lbs)
  • Material : 100% cotton.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Gift wrapping, lunch box wrapping, etc.

Hare tsutsumi

It is developed as a furoshiki for wrapping to celebrate "Hare no Hi" (joyous occasions) in a festive manner.
The design can be used for weddings, celebrations or corporate anniversary gifts, etc. because the mizuhiki, pine, bamboo and plum motifs are representative of auspiciousness.

Designed to look beautiful both when spread out and when wrapped.
The items received as wrapping can be used repeatedly afterwards.